DD1FC - DirecDoor, 2 reader IP controller, for FCWnx and SP systems



The DirecDoorTM controller from is a 2-reader and 2-door Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP-connected access controller. DirecDoor integrates with Facility CommanderTM WNX, Secure Perfect®, and Picture PerfectTM access control and integrated security management software. It can utilize PoE or can be powered by a local power supply. It can even power the lock hardware in its PoE configuration. Its simple plug-in installation significantly

educes labor costs and allows new doors to be efficiently controlled using on-line access systems.
The DirecDoor controller is located on the secure side of the door, thereby providing a much better IP solution than an IP reader. Unlike a less secure IP reader solution, whose Ethernet port, card database and access to the door strike relay lie outside the protected area, the DirecDoor controller significantly reduces the possibility that security could be compromised.

Technical specs

Enclosure specification
 Physical Dimensions
  258mm x 232mm x 77mm
 Operating environment
  +2°C to +50°C
 Humidity Range
  5% to 95% non-condensing
 Thermal air cooling
  At least 15cm of clearance is required on all 4 sides
 Field configurable Options
  Optional plug-in modem as back-up communication via PSTN line
  Screw mounts to wall
Communications interface
  10/100 Mb ethernet, on-board RJ-45 connection
  Supports static IP or DNS and DHCP
 Dial-up (fallback)
  Plug-in modem card
Applications supported and Capacities
 FCWnx v.7.0 or later & Secure Perfect v.6.1.1 or later
 Badge Capacity
 Offline badge & alarm history capacity
 Picture Perfect 4.x
 Badge Capacity
 Offline badge history
 Offline alarm history
  • On board 2-readers with 2 door lock relays
  • Support for Weigand and supervised F/2F reader protocol
  • Intelligence at the edge of the network
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) and local power supply support for controller and locks
  • Integrated configuration tool based on webserver
  • Lower total cost of ownership in low density door environment

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