Technical specs

  356 mm x 267 mm x 159 mm
Operating temperature
  2 to 50°C
Relative humidity
  5 to 95% non-condensing
Power supply
  12 to 15 VDC, 3 to 5 A
Back-up power
  Host to Microcontroller, Ethernet, Microcontroller to Microcontroller, RS-422, 305 m
Dial-back Modem, Internal
Power dissipation
  <50 W
  FCC Class A, UL 1076, UL 294, CE
Expansion Options (5 Slots available)
 2 reader processor board (2RP)
  4 max.
 2 supervised reader processor board (2SRP)
  4 max.
 8 Reader Processor Board (8RP)
  2 max.
 20 digital input board (20DI) supervsion resistors included
  4 max.
 16 digital output board (16DO)
  4 max.
 16 digital output relay board (16DOR)
  4 max.
Storage Capacities
 Secure Perfect badge capacity
 Picture Perfect badge capacity
 Picture Perfect - Alarm history
 Picture Perfect - Badge history
 Secure Perfect editions - General history
Power Requirements (Door strikes powered separately)
 3 A
  8 reader, all technologies
 3 A
  16 reader, non proximity
 5 A
  16 reader, 9XX proximity
 5 A
  2 ea. 16 DO or DOR per M/5-PX
 Picture Perfect
  Version 1.5 or higher is required
 Secure Perfect
  Version 3.x or higher is required when configured with a Micro/5-PXN
 Micro/4 or Micro/5-P
  May not be down-stream from a Micro/5-PXN configured for dial-back communication
 Bi-directional communication
  From the end-of-line microcontroller is not supported
 Microcontroller configuration
  One network adapter per Micro/5-PXN; The dial-back modem is for the network-connected microcontroller only
 Microcontroller communications
  3DES encrypted
  • Supports up to 16 readers
  • 64 digital outputs
  • 80 supervised digital inputs
  • Up to 196,000 badges
  • Optional modem fall-back
  • Upt to 7 downstream microcontrollers with 64 reader max. per line
  • Reduce system installation time and cost by utilizing the existing LAN/WAN
  • 10/100 MB Ethernet communications over standard Category 5 twisted-pair cable
  • All site microcontrollers are kept up to date by downloading revised software to the microcontroller's Flash Memory from the host system console
  • Compatible with Secure Perfect and Picture Perfect

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